How does Bedrock’s Compressed Air Energy Storage solution support Ontario’s energy needs?
A: CAES makes Ontario’s energy grid more efficient and resilient. CAES has the ability to power more than 624,000 homes for up to 8 hours a day using repurposed green energy. Harnessing renewable energy sources like wind and solar helps reduce our province’s reliance on non-clean sources which are subject to shortages.
How does CAES support Canada’s net zero goals?

A: While our national net zero ambition requires a reduction of emissions, individuals and businesses across Ontario will still need energy. CAES speaks to the former while delivering on the latter. The repurposed green energy that CAES will provide the grid reduces energy waste (by repurposing energy) and greenhouse gas emissions (by using emissions-free technology and reducing reliance on non-clean energy sources). The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions alone are equivalent to removing more than 328,000 cars from our roads.

How is CAES an example of innovation with respect to energy storage?
A: By innovating existing technology in use in other locations (Germany, Alabama), Bedrock’s CAES is itself 100% emissions-free. The Bayfield and Stanley locations Bedrock uses to store green energy as compressed air utilize the unique geological characteristics of naturally-occurring porous rock reservoirs in Southwestern Ontario.
Economically and financially, what will the impact of CAES be for Ontarians?
A: Bedrock’s CAES will have the capacity to power more than 624,000 homes for up to 8 hours a day using renewably-sourced energy. This will not only save ratepayers upwards of $150M per year, it will also create jobs and incentivize green energy solutions well into the future.



Bedrock is an Ontario-based initiative which utilizes proven, reliable technology to reduce energy waste, stabilize energy costs, and lead Ontario into a net-zero future.
Bedrock’s Compressed Air Energy Storage solution (CAES) is an innovative and sustainable solution to some of the problems inherent to Ontario’s energy sector. By storing surplus green energy generated in periods of lower demand as compressed air, then repurposing that energy during periods of high demand, CAES offers Ontarians a reliable and emissions-free way to curb energy waste and stabilize energy costs for both residences and businesses. Ontario needs to be a leader in sustainability. Bedrock’s CAES helps accomplish this in an environmentally friendly and thoughtful way.


The technology required to store surplus energy as compressed air is tried, tested and true. Moreover, the storage reservoirs — porous rock reservoirs at our Bayfield and Stanley locations — already exist.There is no need to build new facilities or spend money developing and testing new technology. It is already here, ready to deploy and help Ontario become the leader in sustainability that it was always meant to be. Bedrock’s Compressed Air Energy Storage solution (CAES) curbs energy waste by storing excess energy produced primarily from renewable resources and makes it available at times of peak demand, ultimately saving ratepayer money. It is environmentally responsible, cost effective and in line with Canada’s vision of zero-emission goals.