Here Comes Bedrock’s CAES

Why Bedrock’s Compressed Air Energy Storage is Right for Ontario

 Below you will find a written transcript of our CAES explainer video.


As we move to a clean energy future, how do we balance Ontario’s peak energy demands with the intermittent supply from many renewables? Bedrock has the solution with CAES, or Compressed Air Energy Storage.

Here’s how it works: During off-peak hours, when power generation is high and demand is low, Bedrock takes surplus electricity off the grid to store for later use. This surplus energy drives a series of air compressors and the compressed air is injected into huge underground reservoirs at our Bayfield and Stanley facilities in Ontario.

With the air compressed to 1,176 PSI underground, these two reservoirs can store up to 520 megawatts – enough energy to power 624,000 homes at one time, for up to eight hours per day. That’s equivalent to all of the homes in Hamilton, London and Waterloo Region combined.

Later, when energy demand is high, the compressed air is released and heated to drive turbines and generate clean, sustainable and reliable energy, powering family life, small businesses, and agriculture in our towns, as well as meeting the demands of big cities and preventing brownouts and other issues.

With renewable energy on the rise, Bedrock’s Compressed Air Energy Storage bridges the gap between clean energy supply and demand; all without the emissions of fossil fuel plants, nor the environmental impact of large scale battery storage.

Bedrock’s Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES): building Ontario’s energy storage solutions.